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The Academic Award of the University is the highest recognition by the university for the excellence of academic staff at UTeM. Recognized excellence and achievements encompass areas such as teaching, research, writing, publishing, commercialization, and more. This award also aims to appreciate and acknowledge the excellence achieved by academic staff at both national and international levels. Furthermore, the award is established as an aspiration for university academic staff to enhance excellence and contributions, elevating the university's reputation to higher levels. The AAU, now in its 14th year since its inception in 2009, serves as a catalyst for academic staff to enhance excellence and contributions, both nationally and internationally.

To maintain and update the awards presented in the AAU Ceremony, the university recognizes various areas of excellence, including teaching, research, innovation, and scholarly publishing. Starting in 2022, the award for the e-Learning Innovation Award has been renamed the Innovative Teaching Delivery Award (APPI). The establishment of the Innovative Teaching Delivery Award (APPI) is to celebrate and share best practices in the implementation of teaching and learning in higher education and academic environments. It is also in line with the Special Award from the Minister of Higher Education: Innovative Curriculum Design and Delivery (AKRI). Meanwhile, other existing awards are retained. The list of awards for 2022 is as follows:

    1. Anugerah Tokoh Akademik
    2. Anugerah Akademik Harapan
    3. Anugerah Pengajaran
    4. Anugerah Penerbitan Buku
      1. Bidang Sains Teknologi
      2. Bidang Sains Kemanusiaan dan Sains Sosial
    5. Anugerah Penyelidikan
    6. Anugerah Inovasi dan Pengkomersilan Produk
    7. Anugerah Penghasilan Makalah Jurnal
    8. Anugerah Kualiti Makalah Jurnal
    9. Anugerah Khas Kumpulan

    The organization of the AAU Ceremony in 2022 will also witness the addition of four (4) new award categories, namely:

    1. Anugerah Penjanaan Pendapatan
      1. Kategori Individu
      2. Kategori PTj
    2. Anugerah Penyampaian Pengajaran Inovatif
      1. Pengajaran Transformatif
      2. Pengalaman Pembelajaran Imersif
      3. Inovasi PdP TVET
    1. Anugerah Khas Kumpulan (Kumpulan Penyelidikan)
    2. Anugerah Khas Kumpulan (Komuniti)