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Pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Akademik & Antarabangsa)

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i. Planning academic program towards producing independent students who can meet the needs of professionals, local and international job market.

ii Determining the university curriculum that emphasizes on general education and in line with national higher education policy.

iii. Determine student admission in line with the university policy.

iv Planning for academic staff’s requirement by monitor the aspects of promotion, mobility training / development and performance evaluation.

v. Explore opportunities to gain technical expertise and support for the training development of academic staff.

vi Create a comfortable and conducive learning environment in order to produce outstanding graduates.

vii Strive to highlight the facilities and personality in the university so that it can be reference to universities abroad.

viii Promote and enhance bilateral cooperation between university representatives with foreign universities, especially in enhancing participation in mobility programs.

ix Implement strategy towards internationalization by building up good relations between universities with external bodies, associations, government agencies, industry and higher education institutions.